About Us

A Personal Welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to my web site Turbo Fitness Secrets.

Bryan at Disneyland

Me in Disneyland, waiting in line at Space Mountain

I am a fitness enthusiast who gives advice to people who want to burn fat, build muscle and live a healthier lifestyle. Like many of you, for years I worked at a high paced and stressful job too busy trying to balance a job, relationships, social life and of course fitness. Like most people, in the beginning I struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially with my eating habits, weight and high cholesterol problems.

Why Did I Create This Website?

My biggest goal was to create a resource for people who are looking for information and programs on fat burning, muscle building and simply how to create a healthier lifestyle.  The biggest problem that a lot of people who are starting out have is  when they go online, they find misinformation and poor advice and start out in the wrong direction.

So if you are looking for great and targeted information, for a busy individual who needs the straight forward advice about burning fat, building muscle and living a healthier lifestyle, then you have come to the right place.

You Either “Get It” or you Don’t…

I am not going to please everyone who reads my site.  This site is laser-focused on discussing the methods and science behind burning fat, getting slim and build muscle to live a healthier lifestyle and have a functionally fit body.

Why Listen to Me?

Since I started exercising over 10 years ago, I’ve tried all sorts of approaches to exercising.  Some being good and some being bad.  I’m not a true hardcore bodybuilder, physical trainer, dietitian, or doctor, so what good am I?

Skydiving over North Shore, Hawaii.

Well, first of all, this means that I’m completely unbiased, allowing me to keep an open mind from exercises to weight loss to muscle gaining programs.  As a regular person who works in an office every day, I also know how challenging it is to get in shape when you have other commitments stretching your free time.

More importantly, with more than ten years experience it weight training, muscle building and healthy living I will do a better job than anyone in sorting through information and extract the key takeaways.  After literally years of Google searches on diet, exercise and muscle building tips, I’ve finally found the best advice to get lean and muscular.

Consider me your information filter and human test subject…all I’d like to do is save you the time it took me to find the answers for getting fit without dedicating your life to obsessive compulsive eating and exercise.  Trust me; I know from personal experience that you don’t want to go there.

Some Great Resources to Visit on this Site

  • Visual Impact Muscle Building (Men’s Course): My premium Men’s course on building muscle without getting that “puffy” and bloated bodybuilder look. This is the first course which focuses 100% on the lean “angular” look (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Will Smith in I am Legend, etc.)
  • Visual Impact for Women (Women’s Course): This is a Women’s workout for the Slim Feminine Look. It is for women who would rather look like Jessica Alba -vs- Jillian Michaels. I have a video which explains that yes…women CAN and do gain more muscle than what they would like. This course if for women who want to get fit without getting bigger.

Please Share You Experiences Too!

Me in Eygpt, holding the pyramids of Giza.

Aside from passing along what knowledge I can, I look forward to hearing your feedback along the way.  I truly believe that we can learn from each other’s experiences.  I’m confident that the fitness tips I’m offering will give you that lean and defined muscular look, whether you have 20+lbs or 5lbs of stubborn fat to lose.  Let’s work together to get you in the best shape of your life…without dedicating your life to working out.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please send an email to info@turbofitnesssecrets.com or email me personally at bryan.d.carlton@gmail.com

Thanks for reading,

Bryan Carlton