Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

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Does Green Tea Burn Fat?  The Surprising Truth Revealed!

The question on everyone’s mind, does green tea burn fat?  The question is probably arising seeing that their has been so much publicity in the news, magazines and internet concerning green tea and weight loss.

Does Green Tea Burn Fat

[Green tea can be drank hot, warm, cold and not drank but even eaten frozen.]

 One of the greatest advantages that green tea has, is that it is one of the least processed teas on the market.  We are not talking about Lipton Green Tea, we are talking about simple brewed green tea from a tea bag.

Simple unprocessed green tea contains large amounts of antioxidant polyphenols, specifically a catechus called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).  This catechus, is what is believed to be responsible for most of green tea’s health benefits.


 So Just How Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

1. Green Tea Boosts Your Metabolism

An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report stated (lost the link to the report, sorry), that green tea extracts resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure.  In simpler terms a metabolism boost, the higher your metabolism the more fat you are likely to burn.

The research concluded that over a 24-hour period, green tea extract increases a persons metabolic rate by 4%

2. Green Tea Prevents Fat Absorption and Helps to Regulate Glucose Levels

Experts tell us that the catechus in green tea helps to preent the movement of glucose into fat cells. Green tea helps to geulate glucose levels by slowing the rise in blood sugar after a meal. This prevents high insulin spikes (lots of insulin promotes fat storage) and the subsequent fat storage.

3. Green tea has Caffeine

Even though it is such a small amount of caffeine then coffee and other teas, it still has it.  This increases you metabolism, and burns more fat.

Why Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

Green tea promotes fat loss because of three things: Catechins, Caffeine and  Theanine.  These three components promote fat loss by limiting both gastric and pancreatic lipases, the enzymes that digest triglycerides, and fatty acids synthetase, the enzyme responsible for synthesizing fatty acids into the form in which they can be stored in the body’s fat cells.

Does Green Tea Burn Fat?  The answer is YES!  It boosts your metabolic rate, help regulate your glucose levels (Sugar levels), suppressing your appetite and giving you something else besides that high calorie, high sugar coffee beverage to drink in the morning.


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