Ab Workouts For Women

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>Ab Workouts For Women, To Get a Toned Stomach

Losing weight and getting a toned sexy stomach is most woman’s goal, so here are some ab workouts for women that will help you reach that goal.

Ab Workouts For Women


There are probably many reasons why you want a toned stomach, to look more beautiful, gorgeous, to attract guys and just to show off to your friends.  However, you are probably like most women who have tried pills and diets without seeing results.

Well you are missing a key ingredient.  The best way for a women to get a toned stomach, is by using ab workouts for women, that actually focuses on your mid section.

These ab workouts for women, don’t need any special machines, weights or dumbbells and can even be done at home.  The reason is that your abdominal section is a very unique part of your body and only needs a few effective exercises to put tension on your abs.  These few exercises if done right will tone your stomach and you will start to see results in a short time.

Let’s Look At Some Ab Workouts For Women

Crunches – Basic

Normal crunches are the basic exercise for stimulating abs and it aims on the upper abs. For a complete novice this exercise will be a little tough but in few days the person will get used to it and will be able to do many reps and sets. To begin this exercise just lay flat on the ground, bend your knees while feet on the ground and put your hands on the chest to less the stress on the back now raise your shoulder to your knees and back to the ground this is one rep. Start the exercise with minimum reps.

Crunches – Reverse

This exercise targets the lower abs but you can feel the tension on your whole abs. Start the reverse crunching by lie on the floor, raising the knees up now bent your knees close to the chest but don’t let it touch the chest also when doing this raise the hips. Start it with few reps because it puts lots of stress on the abs so it hurt a little in the start.

Leg Raising

This exercise puts an extra stress on the back so it is best to support the back by putting your hands under the hips (palm down). As you lie down with the legs stretched, stick both legs and gently raise them nearly 10 to 12 inches off the ground and then lower them but don’t touch the ground. Inhaling and exhaling while exercising is also necessary. Again at first this exercise would seem a little tough but by the time you will get the hang of it. The target of this exercise is to work on the lump of the belly that hangs below the belt. You will definitely love this exercise.

Exercising Ball

Which is also called a stabilizer ball is a very unique and effective support that helps you easily support the back and keep the body flexed. You will get used to the ball, feel comfortable exercising on it and the main aim here is the midsection of your body. To do crunches on this ball, lay on the ball with half your back on it and legs parallel to the ground. Now raise the shoulders – for starters don’t worry about rising too high – and tighten the abs by contracting it and try to reach to the knees. Doing this exercise on the ball is very easy so do as many reps as you feel comfortable, like 15 to 20 repetitions with 3 sets. Increase the sets or the reps by the time.

Scissors Exercise

The leg scissors exercise aims the lower abs of the body as well as the inner thigh. Lift the legs alternately in such a way that the bottoms of the feet points toward the ceiling, then lift down your legs to the sides. Start this exercise with minimum 10 reps with 2 or 3 sets.

Some Other Ab Workouts For Women To Tone Your Abs


Pilates focuses on moving the arms and legs through various movement pathways that will require your abs to stay constantly contracted so that you can maintain your balance.

Due to this constant tension being placed on the abs, you’ll find that they are very quick to start showing greater definition.


Yoga will also have you moving through various positions and as you do so, causing the abs to stay fully contracted.

Yoga is one of the best exercises that you can perform for stress relief, which will further help trim your waistline. When you’re highly stressed you will be releasing a much higher level of cortisol in the body and this cortisol will encourage abdominal fat accumulation.

Rock Climbing

If you’re the adventurous type and want to get outdoors for your workouts, consider rock climbing. This is a really excellent form of exercise that will work both the lower body muscles and upper as well, and will be a superb core strengthener.

Dance Training

Dance training is another effective way to tone the abs without being in the gym and will also improve your balance and coordination as well.

Whether you’re into classical ballet style dance, would prefer to do jazz dance, or really want to liven your workout up with pole dancing, which is one of the hottest new trends in women’s fitness, all these dance variations will work the abdominal muscles thoroughly.

Kick Boxing

Kick-boxing is a fun group class to try out that will burn a high amount of calories, offer both cardiovascular and strength benefits, and best of all, tone and firm those abs.

Each time you go to take a kick, the abs will be immediately engaged to help you lift the leg up higher and will also be utilized to maintain balance and control as you go about each movement.

So there you have some top exercises for working your abs to get a flat toned sexy stomach.  Fitness is more than just going to the gym or workout out at home, you can make it really fun and interact with many people.

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