Athletes Have More Attractive Bodies then “Gym Rats”

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You have to admit, there is something about a body that is fit through sports then those who purely gym built bodies.  The biggest advantage to being into sports is that your are building your body the natural way.  The most common thing that you see with “gym rates” is that they have very bulky muscles that make them look un attractive.

Have You Ever Seen A Guy With Huge Legs Try to Run?

I am sure have seen the guys around your gym with legs so bulky that they can barely even walk, so I assume running is out of the question.  So who do you think would win a race between a huge body builder and an average Joe?  My money will be on the average Joe.

Spending Time in The Gym Helps, but Sports Will Push Your Body to The Next Level

One of the reasons that I like sports really give people a nice and lean body it that you get a little more competitive and physically push yourself harder then you probably at the gym.  You will run harder to win a race when you are running against an opponent vs just running on a treadmill.

Some Inspirational Photo’s of Athletes

I couldn’t help putting this picture in, it just makes me laugh when I look at it.

Bryan Carlton

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