Guy Pearce Workout

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>With Pearce’s new movie “Lockout” coming out in only a few weeks, I was curious to know what Guy Pearce workout was to prepare for the movie. Well with a four hours spent looking anywhere and everywhere, I didn’t come up with a conclusive workout.

guy pearce workout

So I was a little shocked with all the movies and how good of condition Pearce is in, that someone wouldn’t have created or interviewed him about his workout goals and routine. Pearce is in his mid 40′s and is looking and keeping himself physically fit. So it got thinking and wondered how close of a workout he would be doing compared to Stephan Lang (Terra Nova), Taylor Lautner (Twilight: New Moon), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Brad Pit (for most of his movies).

So what do the movie stars workout have in common? Doing even more research I found a few things in common that are worth noting. So by piecing together lots of information, from different movie star interviews and workout routines I have come up with two main secrets

The first is that use Compound Training mixed with a lot of cardio. The second, is that they use something in Hollywood call the Shrink Wrap Effect.

As mentioned before, Compound Training, which is one of the easiest ways to grow muscles fast. Compound muscle training involves using multiple muscle groups at a time, as opposed to isolated training, which is just one muscle group at a time.

The three most common Compound Training Exercises:
1. Squats
2. Deadlifts
3. Benchpress

These exercises being great in all, they do have one drawback. That is that they can create a curvy, hour-glass waist which as a guy you don’t want. Once the movie stars have enough muscle mass they went onto phase two of thier workout out routine, which was to tighten his skin around his muscles to give him that mean, muscular and intimidating presence.

This is a common technique in Hollywood, called “The Shrink Wrap Effect”. Other stars that have used this technique includes Taylor Lautner (Twilight: New Moon), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Brad Pit (for most of his movies).
The Shrink Wrap Effect works by tightening your skin around your muscles. Here’s a video explaining The Shrink Wrap Effect (click to go to the main Shrink Wrap Effect Page):

 Guy Pearce Workout

This is one of the rare techniques that gets results fast.

In order for movie stars to achieve the Shrink Wrap Effect, they have to reduce their rep range, resulting in fast tightening of the skin around his muscles. Using the Shrink Wrap Effect is the only way that he was going to get that mean lean muscular that so many of the movie stars have.

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