How To Run And Lose Weight

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How To Run And Lose Weight – The Best Activity for HIIT Workouts and To Burn Fat FAST!

Most of us want to know how to run and lose weight; however, the health benefits of running is far greater than just losing weight!  In fact I probably could write a book on  that subject.

 how to run and lose weight

[ Cross country running, another great way to lose weight, and rev up your metabolism.]

Running is one of those activities you can do by yourself or with others, inside or outside, in the morning or evening (sometimes in the middle of the night), and you will either love it or hate it.  Even people who hated the idea of running, now like it.  They were able to push through the mental block and see the health benefits that go with running.


So how do we run and lose weight?  Lets first start out with a few guidelines for running.

Running Guidelines:

1.  Start your running workout with some stretches.  You will want to stretch your leg and calf muscles out fully.  This will help with flexibility and prevent you from straining or injuring your muscles.

2. Start your running workout at a slow pace.  This will allow your body to warm up and get use to the movements.  I would recommend this for about two to three minutes, a little longer if you are inexperienced.

3.  Once you have completed your warm up, increase your speed to a jogging speed.  Keeping in mind that this is the speed that you will be dropping back to after your run.  You should feel comfortable at this speed, with smooth, steady and balanced strides.

4.  Follow your jogging speed with a faster but steady running speed.  This is what is going to kick start your fat burning process. If you are on a treadmill, you may want to increase the incline at this point, this will greatly increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

5.  Alternate your routine between a steady jogging and running.  Thirty to Forty Five minutes will be plenty for beginners and some novices, while seasoned runners may want to increase the time to an hour  or hour and a half.

Those are the basics for what is called High Intensity Interval Training.  This style of training is what will give your body the best ability to burn fat while you are running.


So why run in order to lose weight?

The first and biggest health benefit is that you will burn a more calories, than walking or sitting on the couch.  It has been proven to be one of the best cardiovascular exercises for burning calories.

Combine this style of running with a balanced diet, and I guarantee you that you will start to see and feel the pounds melt away!

Secondly, you are exercising your heart, hands, legs and your lungs.  With your lungs being exercise you are able to breathe deeper. Allowing your body to  bring in more oxygen, this maximizes your body’s ability to burn fat.

Thirdly, it will lower your blood pressure, increase your body’s circulation and allow you to relax!

Now that you have read “How to Run and Lose Weight, all at the same time,” are you ready to get out there and melt away those unwanted pounds?


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