Core Exercises For Women

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Core Exercises For Women – For Firm and Sexy Abs!

Specific core exercises for women,  is what will give you flat and firm abs.  You abdominal muscles form what is called the “core group of muscle” or “trunk“.  this group of muscles are mandatory for your daily activates. By gaining a strong core you will not only look sexy, but you will realize the true benefits.

core exercises for women

[A firm ans sexy midsection, obtained my using core exercises for women.]

When you walk, run, carry a bag, hold your child, you are doing activities that are in large part supported by your abdominal muscles and spine.  These two combined form the core strength of your body, the stronger you are the more you will be able to do and do it with ease.


Secondly, by increasing your core strength, you reduce back pain, your risk injury, have more flexibility which will, help with daily life activities and dramatically help those of you who are involved in any type of sport activities.

These core exercises for women can be performed in your home, gym, Yoga studio, grassy yard and even the park.  A large majority of the exercise can be done by yourself without any equipment, although a mat is always a good idea.

Doing the following core exercises for women is very important; but, making sure that you are using proper form is even more important.  If you are not doing these exercises correctly you will not reap the rewards.  You can actually cause yourself harm, and we don’t want to be doing that.

When performing the below list core exercises for women, you will want to keep the following in mind:

  • Squeeze your abdominal muscles as tight as possible.
  • Take at least a minute break between sets, some people say 30 seconds, but I like a minute.
  • Make sure that you breath normally.  Don’t hold your breath.  Breath out as you contract your ab muscles.
  • After you workout routine, stretch your legs, arms and hips.
  • Try to increase your repetitions and sets as you get more comfortable with each exercise.
  • Change up each workout, this will help prevent you from hitting a plateau.

Below is a list of the best core exercises for women who want to get a firm and sexy abs.

  • Crunches

  • V Sit Crunches

  • Forearm Plank

  • Straight Leg Drops

  • Medicine Ball Pass

  • Figure 8′s

  • Hip Circles

  • Core Bridge Exercises

  • Wood Chops

  • Oblique Crunches

  • Prone Knee Lifts

  • Reverse Crunch


A Great List of Core Exercises for Women!!

There are many variations to the list above, that is why I didn’t go into specifics.  You will want to create your own program, that meets your needs.  Make sure that you do include a 5 minute low intensity warm up in any kind of exercise routine.  Followed by a nice cool down and some stretching.

Performing these exercises on a regular basis, will be extremely helpful.  You will get more out of  your daily activities all the way to your sport activities.   Only you can reap the rewards.  Thus, core exercises for women are essential to good health and fitness.


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